SFDC Adapter 1.0.54 works as described

Adding the SFDC Adapter to our SAP PI development tool set was a good choice. Integration development was accelerated, and interface execution is stable and dependable.


Dave Edwards,

March 27, 2019

Very Prompt and Responsive Technical Support and an Excellent Software Product

We had a critical project need to implement receiver REST with OAuth 2.0 with specific ways to send the JSON request and to handle the REST response. We were able to implement using the Advantco REST adapter, but could not with the SAP REST adapter. The implementation took place during the year-end holidays and we needed immediate help to keep things moving. The Advantco Tech Support and specifically Victor Phan from Tech Support provided prompt and to-the-point help, with clear documentation and syntax samples. We needed help thrice on different topics, and each time, the response we received was within 24 hours!


Satish Bhagwat,

January 14, 2019

Excellent REST adapter and support

Advantco REST adapter covered all of our requirements - easy installation, ready to develop, quick support and OAuth 2.0 authentication. Installation was very easy and we were able to interface test files within few hours. Product support has been fast and very insightful of the JSON and XML translations.


Harsha Bhaskaran,

September 6, 2018

Outstanding Customer Support

We had some questions about licenses and sent a request to call back with questions. I got a call within 5 minutes and provided me the licenses we need. I never received response this quick from a software vendor in my whole IT experience. Thank you very much for the quick response and help.


Ramana Gudapati,

June 26, 2018

Nice product with good support

Advantco REST adapter is a reasonably good product in the market with the variety of provisions provided for implementation like OAuth 2.0 feature supports a number of methods to get the token at the header in a double synchronous call, unlike SAP Rest adapter. and in its recent update, it has got handy support for pagination just like SAP Rest adapter.


Rohit Jain,

April 11, 2018

Great product and first class customer support

We are using more and more RESTFul service interfaces in our company, and the REST adapter from Advantco really a perfect product to fit into our needs. I work from China, and I can always get a response from Advantco support team who is base in US the nest working day to the day I submit my questions. The team is quick in response, strong in technical area, really helpful in out tight project schedule. Advantco is sure to be a valuable and stable partner to us! Looking forward to more and more cooperation with them!


Tom Xia,

February 23, 2018

Simple but Robust

We, at Hunter Douglas recently implemented Advantco SFDC adapter as a solution for the existing salesforce interfaces. It has reduced a lot of development effort and the migration was super easy, It is very simple and easy to install, configure and develop the objects using Advantco SFDC adapter. The solution is very robust to handle REST, BULK and traditional XML based integration using APEX callouts, The SFDC Workbench features e.g- XSD generation, response structure generation are very useful and easy, Advantco support team is very knowledgeable and helpful to resolve any issue in a quick fashion. I will give them a 5 star too! I would definitely recommend this product for SAP-SF integration.


Sugata Bagchi Majumder,

February 7, 2018

Advantco - SFDC Adapter

We have been live for almost a year and the adapter has worked flawlessly. If you are looking to connect the SFDC and SAP landscapes, this is the tool for you.


James Polk,

November 7, 2017

Reliable Integration with S/4HANA

After a few months being live with Advantco SFDC Adapter, I can confirm it's been a wise choice. Integration with SAP S/4HANA has been fast, with no particular issues along the path. Connection is stable, reliable and remarkably responsive.


Gabriele Zennaro,

October 23, 2017

Simplify Integration

The SFDC adapter provided by Advantco makes the integration from PI to Salesforce simpler and reduces the implementation time and effort. Adapter simplifies connectivity to SFDC API's with number of features like making parent-child relationship in single call, supports multiple look-ups, SFDC workbench for generating XSDs. Advantco support team answers quickly and does their best to provide resolution.


Kevin Rothschild,

July 10, 2017

Enterprise Integration Management, IT Service Delivery, ITC

Enabling REST capability on our On-Premise middleware technology (SAP PI) has allowed us to rewrite current integrations that were built on our legacy middleware. It has helped us achieve our key value objectives – 1. Realize Integration Target Architecture with full capabilities including API 2. Simplifying our Integration Tool footprint 2. Agility & Time to Value Getting started with Advantco's REST was seamless from ease of installation to its usability. It fits perfectly into SAP's adapter framework. No additional training was necessary for our development team in order to start building internal and external facing interface solutions based on REST. Advantco's team is more willing to support our needs with their integration relevant products. It's great to have a provider so responsive and effective!


Shailaja Domala,

March 30, 2017

CRM Dynamics adapter

CRM Dynamics adapter for SAP PI, This adapter helped us to integrate CRM application with other applications in our landscape. Very easy to configure and maintenance perspective. Also its comes with a portal to test the fecth XML and generate the XSD for the development activities which also helps to reduce the development efforts... Great Job Advantco team on a seamless integration services


Harsha Paruchuri,

January 26, 2017

Excellent adapter for SAP PI

The SFDC adapter provided by Advantco makes the integration directly from PI with SFDC much simpler and reduce the implementation time. On top of that, PI Consultant also use the dashboard features to discuss the mapping requirement with SAP and SFDC Consultant.


Rick Xuan Kuan,

January 10, 2017

Perfect for SFDC-PI Integration

We are using the SFDC Advantco Adapter with success and we are pleased with the functionality and support received from Advantco. Utilizing this adapter has accelerated our implementation efforts.


Gerd-Jan Pothaar,
Dialog Semiconductor

September 29, 2016

Excellent Product & Support

At Newport Corporation we needed a solution to integrate salesforce with our ECC systems through SAP PI. We chose Advantco SFDC adapter and it was proved to be a perfect tool to do such a job. The adapter is easy to use and tackles a lot of common issues of such integration behind the scene. It makes a SFDC integration project much easier than talking to SFDC APIs directly.


Richard Yang,

April 2, 2016

Excellent Product & Support

One of our high profile projects at Novartis required REST WS. Advantco REST Adapter provides easy configuration and implementation. The support is awesome and we always receive prompt responses.


Rick Xon Kuan,

March 25, 2015

Advantco Adapters add value to PI

We at Nu Skin use P/I (7.1) for high transaction load scenarios. Our enterprise includes many technologies and partners using both SOAP and REST services. Our preference is often REST because of its ease of use and quick implementation in many environments. The out-of-the-box HTTP plain adapter is not sufficient, nor does it match our enterprise architectural guidelines for REST services. We purchased the REST adapter, and it is meeting our expectations. It simplified and sped up our interface development for those interfaces in this category. In addtion our web content team prefers to work with JSON and not XML. This tool makes it very easy to do. Any current SOAP interface can be made into a REST / JSON interface in a few minutes. The documentation is very well done, and anyone with P/I experience can work directly from it with little or no training. More advanced tasks with mapping and channel configuration have required some support questions, but the response has been very quick. The REST adapter when installed was missing some very important features for us. These were reported and were added very quickly. I have found this company to be one of the most responsive with which I have worked. It is refreshing to not spend hours searching SDN for solutions, but rather working with a company who supplies and supports and adapter. The only issue we have found is JSON messages that cannot be converted to XML coming into P/I cannot be handled easily and require some advanced techniques to handle. When the message is returned from P/I we have found it is easy to use a template. The next feature we need is for the adapter to build a post body for us instead of using a template. I would also recommend the PGP and SFTP adapters. They are very good and a must have in your P/I tool set.


Ron Stamm,
Nu Skin

May 16, 2013

B2B adapters portfolio completed with REST adapter

We at Heinemann needed several additional B2B adapters for our PI 7.1.1 system. It was very important for us to have one strategic adapter partner instead of many suppliers. So we did a market analysis and found Advantco with a working solution for AS2, SFTP & REST. All adapters were very easy to implement and have an intuitive monitoring with detailed information. The documentation was very helpful during the setup. Beyond that the support also answers very quick and in an excellent quality. For the REST adapter we needed additional functionality (a polling mode and NTLM v2 proxy authentication), what was added very prompt to the adapter. In the future we plan to establish a RESTful order manager based on the Advantco adapter.


Thorsten Duevelmeyer,

March 31, 2012

SFTP adapter

The installation and deployment was quite easy and well described in the documentation. The first szenarios with the adapter are runninf and the interfaces are working very stabile and performant. In case of problems, the logging in quit helpful. The configuration was very easy and also well described in the documentation. The support if Advantco solved some tickets we had at the beginning within 3 hours ;-) They are always very quick in terms of reaction time and competence. Im summary i can recommend the sftp adapter without restriction of any kind. Thorsten Düvelmeyer / PI architect


Thorsten Duvelmeyer,
Gebr. Heinemann

June 14, 2011


Fiserv has greatly benefited from the use of the Advantco SFTP and PGP adapters. The configuration steps, key management and other options are self explanatory and easy to use. Also the Advantco documentation and process logs are detailed and informative. Advantco's customer service is very impressive! Eric Wright / PI Lead


Eric Wright,

May 25, 2011

Advantco SFTP Adapter

The installation and deployment of the SFTP (PI 7.1) adapter was straight forward and easy to complete. The adapter has met all our requirements and is performing well. We are very pleased with the product and its performance. Additionally, the technical support team at Advantco is excellant. They were very quick and responsive in helping us troubleshoot two different issues. I might add both of these issues were the result of network and security problems and were not even product related. Brian Busse / Sun Products Corporation


Brian Busse,

November 2, 2010

Advantco SFTP Adapter & PGP Module

The products (sFTP and PGP adapters) are easy to install and to use, thanks to their smooth integration within the NetWeaver J2EE stack. But beside this, Advantco is providing a real commitment to support their customers cleverly and with swiftness in case of exotic requests arising in some projects. Good products and stellar support were the driven factors that made us pick Advantco to fulfill our sFTP and PGP requirements in an heavily validated Health care environment. Gaetan Nys Intervet / Schering Plough / Merck


Gaetan Nys,
Schering Plough

December 29, 2009

Simple installation and usage and very responsive support

The installation of the AMQP adapter for CPI went very smooth, the usage is very simple but all the important features for AMQP are there. The few times we had questions about the adapter or license, the sales and support teams responded fast and adequate.


Henk de Leeuw,

March 15, 2019

Excellent adapter

we use this adapter to load data from salesforce to a SAP HANA database. It works perfect. The help and technical support of advantco is excellent!


Marian Bielefeld,

November 21, 2018

Stable and robust product, awesome support

Advantco SFDC adapter performance is good and stable. Standard error logging in message monitor & channel monitor contains enough information to identify the root causes very easily. Channel ping functionality in adapter workbench is very helpful in analyzing connectivity issues, user lock or authorization issues. We like having the option to verify/download the latest schemas via SFDC Workbench. With older versions of Advantco SFDC adapter we had to generate most of the response schemas manually to fit into our Sync/Async bridge communication calls. Recent versions can generate these schemas from workbench automatically - very helpful in avoiding all conflicts during development. We can perform live SOQL tests/checks on Salesforce database via Query Builder, which has enabled us in finding out all data related issues, object field authorizations/availability issues, which are quite common with Salesforce like architecture and speeds up our test cycle diagnostics. Advantco support team is constantly exceeding our expectations by providing immediate solutions with their quick new updates. We have explicitly requested new functionalities as per our Danfoss requirements: E.g. o Query Lookup functionality in channels to reduce BPM flows into much simpler ICOs o Variable substitution with Connection configuration key in channel to dynamically connect/change multiple Salesforce boxes/databases based on payload o Accessing SFDC session parameters as ASMAs variables during asynchronous call o Downloading *.sda Apex webservice files into local to transport Apex webservice changes without any involvement of Basis team. Advantco SFDC Adapter can be patched online. There is no need to stop SAP PO. Still, a CPA Cache refresh is recommended and causes a short outage in message processing, but this is still much better than a restart. Parallel processing is not working properly on multiple SAP PO application servers. In most cases the message flow is sequential and we work with Advantco actively to resolve this issue.


Igor Kozak,

July 6, 2018

Salesforce integration with SAP PO/PI – Fast, Easy and Stable

We are using Advantco SFDC Adapter for several Salesforce integration. Configurations are very straight forward for the channels, simplified and efficient. This product fulfills our requirements. Excellent customer support. We achieved very effective result for complex scenarios through this adapter. Worth for your investment.


Antony Ferminus,

May 4, 2018

Reliable and well designed product

Advantco SFDC adapter represent a valuable addition to our SAP PI system. By handling all Salesforce communication specifics, the deployment of integration with our Utilities system has been significantly faster and easier. The adapter can automatically handle large datasets and switch to BULK API. Also can be used to extract data and to receive events from Salesforce. We didn't encounter any runtime errors and all our questions have been promptly answered by Advantco support team. Highly recommended.


Laura Troto,

March 29, 2018

Against the recommendation

To be honest, in the beginning, we had quite some trouble to get the Integration between SFDC and our ERP running - the crucial experience was the support team form Advantco, they helped us a lot. Their response time is just phenomenal. This is now three years ago. Since then the integration worked perfectly and saved us already quite a lot development work. It was the right decision to go with the Advantco Adapter other than building up our one Integration classes even though this was a recommendation of another reference visit.


Stefan von Büren,

February 20, 2018

Great Customer Support

We had some questions about REST Adapter and CryptoLib for our SAP upgrade, we got the reponse very quick and helpful.


Yaqun Peng,

December 6, 2017

SFDC Adapter - Advancto

We bought this adapter for our landscape and it is truly the adapter to look at for all of your SFDC integration requirements. Nothing negative that I can think of gives me the pleasure to write this review.


Pratyush Kumar,

November 3, 2017

Fast SAP-Salesforce Integration

At Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores we needed a solution to quickly integrate our SAP-ECC & Salesforce Environments as part of our digital Transformation journey. We have now been using the Advantco SFDC Adapter on SAP PO 7.4 for over a year. The SFDC Adapter helped us put salesforce interfaces into Production lot faster that in turn helped business teams add more business processes faster. The Advantco Support Team has been a big help & responsive to all queries.


Siva Maranani,
Love's Travel Stops

October 5, 2017

Easy SalesForce Integration

The Advantco adapter for PO / Salesforce enabled us to create the interface between SAP ECC and Salesforce in-house. We only had to worry about the process and data flows, while the adapter did all the heavy lifting. The support team answers quickly and does their best to come up with the answer, even if the issue itself was education rather than a bug, very pleased.


Heiko Maerz,

June 21, 2017

Adaptor is great for us and support has been first class

The Advantco SFDC adapter has enabled us design a much simpler solution to integrate SAP and other systems with Salesforce. It has saved us a lot of time and provided the flexibility we need to change our solution very quickly. The Advantco specialist support team is one of the best I have dealt with - their expertise covers Salesforce and SAP and as such are to resolve our issues accurately and quickly, which is quite remarkable. I'd recommend Advantco to anyone looking for a similar product


Kwame Aidoo,

March 6, 2017

Remarkable Support And Product

At voestalpine SFDC Adapter has been used for more than a year so far and we are very satisfied with the product. Our overall experience with support has been very good and we do recommend to use SFDC Advantco Adapter.


Alexander Hering,

January 24, 2017

Awesome REST Adapter & Responsive Support

We have now been using the Advantco REST Adapter for over 4 years at HD Supply and find it to be a feature rich solution that satisfies all of our requirements. Advantco Support is always quick to respond to any questions and we have enjoyed working with them. I am happy to give 5-Stars to both the Adapter and the Support Team.


David Propst,
HD Supply

December 14, 2016

Great Product

Advantco REST Adapter was used by Weill Cornell Medical College to implement multiple technical solutions. It’s easy to configure with help of excellent technical documentation. Support team is great.


Alla Vaynberg,

August 1, 2016

Excellent Product & Support

For our integration project between PI & Salesforce at Intuitive Surgical we chose to use the Advantco SFDC Adapter. It works very well and Advantco's support is always responsive.


Jitendra Pongurlekar,
Intuitive Surgical

March 1, 2016

Easy to Use Adapter!

Our first web service integration was going to require us to build 20 REST communication channels. Because of tight project deadlines we needed to find a REST solution which would be quick to install and easy to learn, especially for those of us with no prior web serviceexperience. We found exactly what we were looking for in the Advantco REST adapter. The clear and concise documentation had us developingin no time and also served as an excellent reference during testing. On the occasion we needed to contact their support, they were extremely knowledgeable and responsive. We are now implementing our 3rd REST WS project and this product still is impressive with all its functionality and versitility. This adapter has become a key tool in our PI toolkit.


Dave Komzak,

July 3, 2014

Great Product for SFTP - Seamless Integration @ Ralph Lauren

This product has aligned our strategies of seamless integration where we have cut down multihop process to one single development environment of PI. I have known Advantco for many many years - Great people to work with and always ready to help and support any implementation.


Sanjeev Varshney,
Ralph Lauren

August 29, 2012

Flexible & modern AS2 adapter with excellent monitoring

We at Heinemann needed an AS2 adapter, that is easy to implement for various connections (AS2 gateway and direct point to point connections) with an intuitive monitoring with detailed information. To be sure on the cost side, we don’t want to have a volume dependent solution. It also must be SAP certified and available for PI 7.1.1 & 7.3. The Advantco adapter is easy to install and to configure for our interfaces. The documentation helps for nearly all questions we had during the setup. Beyond that the support also answers very quick and in an excellent quality. Advantco is always open for new useful customer requirements and implements them very quickly and in a very good quality. We now switched our main and for business most important adapter to Advantco and we see them as strategic adapter partner for us.


Thorsten Duevelmeyer,
Gebr. Heinemann

February 10, 2012

Advantco SFTP and PGP Adapters

Johns Hopkins has greatly benefited from the use of the Advantco SFTP and PGP adapters. We needed to retire our current scripts for PGP encryption and also find a SFTP client that worked seamlessly with SAP PI 7.1. We did evaluations of different third party products. Once we got into the evaluations we noticed that the Advantco documentation was excellent and on issues, some caused by us, the onboarding support was fantastic. Next, we gave a review for the Advantco PGP Solution, which needed a face lift and within the next release they met and exceeded the enhancements that were requested. They followed up to make sure they met our requirements and to get more feedback. We had a development question a few months after we went live with their solutions and their ticket system was easy to use. Again we got immediate feedback to help solve our issue. It also helped to insure that we had an integrated solution that gave another layer of encryption security for data and transmissions. We have successfully required and deployed the use of asymmetric keys to meet our strict requirements. I have no problems rating it 5 stars. Mich Wilhelmi / Systems Engineer for SAP PI


Mich Wilhelmi,
Johns Hopkins University

June 8, 2011

Advantco SFTP Adapter

Amtrak purchased Advantco’s SFTP Adapter and PGP Solution to meet our Data Exchange Security requirements. Advantco is truly dedicated to providing premium solutions as well as professional and attentive client care. We are glad that we chose Advantco


Victor Marquez,

April 6, 2011

Advantco SFTP Adapter

The installation, deployment and configuration of SFTP adapter was very convenient for many interfaces that we developed for Business partners on the SFTP side.The adapter really fits all the requirement for SFTP transmissions, Would strongly recommend for any enterprise. Anubhav Raj/Public Services Enterprise Group


Anubhav Raj,
Public Services Enterprise Group

May 4, 2010

Advantco SFTP Adapter

We are using the SFTP Adapter from Advantco on PI 7.1 service pack 7. The installation and setup was seamless and painless. Once installed the adapter itself is very intuitive and most integrations can be done without reading the instructions (which by the way are very well written). I confidently recommend this product and company. Devlin Rambo Sempra Energy


Devlin Rambo,

May 12, 2009

It just works....

Due to the integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud into our mainly SAP based system landscape we needed to find a proper solution to transfer data from Salesforce to SAP BW. We have found the Advantco Adapter und it just works perfect. Apart from that the provided support and quickness in responding to requests is the best we have ever seen! Great solution, great people!


Andreas Förger,

March 1, 2019

Superior product and very good support

We have older version of PI product which natively does not support REST connectivity, so we looked for various REST Adapter products and selected Advantco maily for their suprior product, reputation and support during our POC. The whole process of evaluation, POC and production implementation was very smooth and very satisfied with Advantco team. We also looked for compatibility of the product if we had to upgrade in later years. The Adapter documentation was very comprehensive and helps for any trouble shooting.


Saravanan Subramanian,

October 25, 2018

AWS Advantco Adapter

The adapter is very easy to use. It took care of the connection to SNS for us otherwise we have to develop custom code to facilitate the connection. Also by installing the new version of the adapter, it took care of the AWS certificate expiring problem for us. We don't really have to worry about changes in the AWS side. We just need to keep up to date with the adapter.
The AWS Adapter is developed and offered by Advantco International LLC. This review was posted by Advantco’s customer, Wing Leung at Australia Post on SAP App Center/Reviews on July 6, 2018.


Wing Leung,

July 6, 2018

Very good product

We have requirements to develop more and more REST API interfaces in our company, having PI 7.31 and not planning for any upgrade soon was becoming an issue, We decided to give a try to Advantco REST Adapter and we are pleased with the results. It's easy to use, allows for OAuth 2.0 authentication and I like using the REST Adapter Workbench for my unit testing to convert json to XML. Product support is great, we get answers quickly. I recommend this adapter!


Benoit Laperriere,

April 17, 2018

Rich in features, simple to use, and robust

There is not much more one could ask from a software solution. At the Lincoln Electric Company, we used Advantco SFDC adapter to integration salesforce and SAP. It saved us a lot of effort, so we could spend more time in fine tuning the functions of the interfaces. We ran into quite a few issues with locking, sequencing, volume of messages etc., and we've found features in the adapter combined with some PI feature to resolve all of those issues. The support team is very helpful, very knowledgeable about the product. So far we only needed to contact them during the implementation for a few questions. There has been no issue since go-live.


Kevin Qiu,

February 27, 2018

Awesome Customer Service / Product

We had some issue/question which was resolved within hours when i contact Advantco customer Service. Not only Customer Service but Product Manager who was working with US, helped a Lot. It's great to have a provider so responsive and effective throughout Project life cycle. ~Puneet Aggarwal


Jetender Soni,

February 7, 2018

Excellent adapter and support

The adapter fulfilled all our expectations when integrating SAP with SFDC. Apart from a lot of features which can be handy when handling different integration requirements, the support team from Advantco is very responsive and are really experts in SFDC. They developed also one feature which was really needed when we did a migration from other middleware to SAP PO.


Jorge Lopez Fernandez,
Nobel Biocare

November 21, 2017

Solid adapter

This adapter facilitates connectivity with SFDC. Connecting to SFDC becomes easy, and you learn to appreciate the many configuration options while integrating the scenarios. Support team always responded quickly to any questions we had.


Mathias Viaene,

October 30, 2017

SFDC Adapter Significantly Helps our Project

When choosing to implement Salesforce at Voestalpine we were stuck with the problem of how to integrate our new CRM & existing SAP environments. We needed a solution to quickly and easily connect both systems and, after reviewing options and a successful trial, we chose the Advantco SFDC Adapter. Advantco’s Support is always responsive and the Adapter allows for painless integration, we are very happy with the Adapter and recommend to others. Personal thanks to the support team for the excellent assistance!


Eberhard Weiss,

August 4, 2017

Worth the investment

We use DYNCRM adapter to seamless integrate Dynamics 2016 online with our SAP system. Special thanks to Advantco support, issues solved quickly and valuable features are added with new releases. One of the new features, include search criteria in CUD request, is of real value.


Jan Noorland,

April 6, 2017

SAP PI/PO Consultant.

Advantco Adapter has helped us to build easily complex interfaces with Salesforce.com reducing also significantly the timelines of our Integration Project. The support and training received from Advantco has been also really helpful during the whole process.


Javier Garcia,

January 27, 2017

Great for SAP middleware owners

Great connectivity into SFDC API's, from either SAP PI or SAP PO middleware platforms. This enables us to streamline our SAP to SFDC integrations, for message based and event driven scenarios.


Bill Vary,

January 19, 2017

Great Support & Adapter

At Textron we have now been using the Advantco SFDC Adapter for over a year to integrate our SAP PI and Salesforce environments. We find the Adapter functionality to be excellent and Advantco’s Support Team to be knowledgeable and responsive. The Adapter was easy to implement and any questions were immediately handled by Support. I have no issue giving the Adapter and Advantco 5-Stars.


Prathik Reddy Padi,

December 11, 2016

Works wonderfully with on-Prem

Using with our on-Prem 2016 Dynamics CRM implementation. We are able to utilize the adapter in order to get all needed interfaces between Dynamics and any other application to function as expected.


Diane Fuller,
Spirit AeroSystems

July 19, 2016

Perfect for Salesforce Integration

At Kraft Foods we needed a solution for integration between SAP PI and Salesforce. We chose to leverage the Advantco SFDC Adapter because of the functionality and excellent Advantco Support Team.


Thanujja Natesa,
Kraft Foods

April 8, 2015

Awesome product, company, and support!!

As Executive Consultant at CGI, I have recently used Advantco REST on a project where SAP PI was acted as an Information Bus to orchestrate RESTful Web Services. The Advantco REST adapter was acquired to bridge SAP PI's REST/JSON functionality gap. The REST adapter was a very solid and reliable PI add-on - ease of installation and implementation. Performance was also superb. Solely from REST/JSON functionality point of view, Advantco REST was already a 5-star product. But what have impressed me the most was Advantco's customer service and technical know-how. There were incidents where we have faced some technical roadblock. Advantco's technical team was always there to assist, promptly and professionally, in solving our issues. Love to work with Advantco and deeply admire their customer-centric culture. Thumb up for Advantco and its REST Adapter.


Billy Cheng,

July 13, 2013

The Advantco SFTP adapter has worked well at NCDOT

Advantco's SFTP adapter has worked well in our PI landscape at North Carolina Department of Transportation. A few highlights for us have been: 1. SFTP adapter installation into PI system was quick and easy. No issues. 2. SFTP adapter (Sender and Receiver) worked well. 3. Adapter logs blended well with the standard SAP AE audit logs. We recommend this adapter.


Jill Stewart,

April 3, 2012

Advantco SFTP Adapter

SABMiller chose the SFTP Adapter from Advantco to meet our need to integrate securely with 3rd Party providers and also to meet other integration requirements. We are using it now on PI 7.1 SP11 with no issues. The installation, configuration and deployment of the adapter was straightforward and well-documented. The product is performing well and meeting all our needs. Our experience with Advantco has been excellent - the team there have been very responsive and supportive to any requests for assistance we have had , both pre- and post-install, and their customer service is excellent, showing good understanding for our position at all times and working with us to get best use out of the product. We would recommend the product and the company without reservation based on our experiences so far.


Rob Woof,

October 7, 2011

Advantco SFTP Adapter

At JCrew we needed a SFTP solution for integration with 3rd Party providers and other specific requirements. We did a thorough evaluation of the solutions available for the same and chose Advantco SFTP Adapter. We are glad we did because right from the start we found that they not only had a great Product but also a great Support team backing their product. The Adapter was tested intensively to make sure it not only fulfills our requirements but also is able to perform all the tasks a standard SAP provided ftp adapter can perform like content conversion, integrated administration through RWB, using different File encoding etc. Installation was a breeze, documentation is detailed, the SFTP adapter works without any issues and their Support is A++.


Karthik Rangaraju,

June 1, 2011

Advantco SFTP Adapter

Installation and deployment was quite easy. Orange is using this ADAPTER since more than 1 year and the adpater bring a lot of stability to our process. ADVANTCO have been always very supportive and competent in each question we may have. Eric Refine / ERP Manager Orange


Eric Refine,

January 19, 2011

Advantco AS2 Adapter

We found the AS2 adapter just as easy to implement and install as the sftp adapter. It works perfectly with all the AS2 integration scenarios here at Sabre. As always, the level of support is exceptional.


Ken Gravenor,
Sabre Holdings

April 29, 2010

Advantco SFTP Adapter

We use the SFTP Adapter since more than one year , now also in Version 3.0 for PI 7.1. Communication and Data Transfer works perfect. We migrated all SFTP Scripts to SFTP Adapter. Its features fullfill our requirements in its entirety. We are confident with the product and recommend it.


Daniel Stanz,

December 10, 2008