Advantco’s Google Cloud Platform Adapter - Integrating SAP with GCP


Google Cloud Platform is an integrated cloud service tool designed to connect applications and business environments between on-premise applications and those hosted in the GCP.

Integration of GCP tools with other applications is a complex set of procedures and requires time, training and development. Still, this effort is rewarding and improves connectivity, visibility, and business operations through the shared data across cloud-based applications.

The Advantco Google Cloud Platform Adapter streamlines this integration process by creating a product specifically for the GCP tools and business services. This adapter has been developed and tested on SAP PI/PO and reduces training and development efforts, implements the APIs, and improves overall integration.

The Adapter manages message protocols, channel configuration parameters, variable substitution, format conversion, logging and tracing configuration and Google Cloud Workbench for seamless integration between your GCP and SAP processes.

Google Cloud Platform Tools

Advantco’s GCloud Adapter facilitates integration with SAP and GCP tools:

  •   Cloud Storage
  •   Cloud DataStore
  •   Cloud BigQuery
  •   Cloud Pub/Sub
  •   Cloud Spanner
  •   Cloud Dataflow
  •   Google Drive

Google Cloud Storage is a storage service that enables users to upload, access or download data. Cloud Storage can store and deliver large media formats, enable data backups and archives for disaster recovery and file storage, or serve as an integrated repository for analytics and machine learning. Through the Advantco adapter, users can transfer data from SAP to Cloud Storage and retrieve it again easily.

Google Cloud Datastore is a NoSQL database for web and mobile applications. The service automatically handles sharing and replication and serves as an integration point for solutions across App and Compute Engines, commonly used by software architects and engineers. The Advantco adapter allows easy transfer of solutions and applications built on Cloud Datastore to and from SAP business processes.

Google Cloud BigQuery is a data warehouse that enables users to analyze stored data with built-in machine learning and a BI. The Advantco GCloud adapter integrates BigQuery applications with SAP like real-time inventory management and predictive digital marketing.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a messaging service for data that receives and stores data from independent applications. Cloud Pub/Sub allows users to observe data, execute analytics, and support machine learning. This service and the GCloud adapter can distribute large queues of tasks across multiple engines while staying in communication with SAP, balancing workloads in network clusters and integrating with on-premise business processes.

Google Cloud Spanner is a relational database service for application data that combines relational database structure and non-relational horizontal scale to improve its functionality. This service is used within industries in need of real-time, up-to-date data. Cloud Spanner provides up-to-date, real-time data and the GCloud adapter integrates this with SAP processes.

Google Cloud Dataflow is a data processing service for batch and real-time data streaming applications. This service allows users to set up pipeline processing to integrate, prepare and analyze data simultaneously. Retailers use Dataflow to perform Clickstream, Point-of-Sale and segmentation analysis that are then integrated with SAP by the Advantco adapter.

Google Drive is an online storage drive for files, from videos to Google Docs. Google Drive changes work and collaboration by providing users the flexibility to work anywhere while remaining connected, organized and up-to-date. The Advantco adapter allows business processes on SAP to access this service, and exchange data between the two.

GCloud Adapter at Work:

Current customers uses the Advantco GCloud Adapter to send data from SAP to their Cloud Storage, and to support data integration and messaging between back-end SAP and Pub/Sub. Integrating the GCloud Adapter mitigates the traditional challenges faced when transferring data from SAP to storage and calling it back, and provides a seamless communication process.

Users can leverage the GCloud Adapter for integration processes between SAP business processes and GCP tools as either a Sender Google Cloud adapter or a Receiver Google Cloud adapter.

To upload buckets of data from the Integration Server or PCK to their Google Cloud Storage, identify the Adapter Type: Receiver in the yellow highlighted box:

To create data buckets such as “digitalasset” in the yellow highlighted box:

The Sender GCloud Adapter consumes the messages from GCP and pushes these toward the Integration Server or Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK), whereas the Receiver Google Cloud adapter sends message payloads received from the Integration Server or PCK to the GCP.

The GCloud Adapter is also used to pull data from Pub/Sub and map the data into back-end SAP business processes, converting data structures from JSON to XML. The adapter handles a high volume of load -- over half a million transactions per hour.

The adapter facilitates real-time, high-speed communication between the two databases by using GCP tools to update, keep and analyze data from business processes managed by SAP.


Merging business applications with GCP products is a complex set of procedures that requires time, training and development. The GCloud Adapter minimizes these challenges through integrating data between SAP and services provided on the GCP.

The adapter is currently used to transfer data from SAP applications to Google Cloud Storage, support integration between back-end SAP processes and Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and convert data structures from.

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