Broadcasting Corporation Chooses Advantco Azure Adapter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

A global leader in broadcasting needed to integrate their SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) system with Microsoft Azure but there were two immediate problems:

  1. SAP does not provide a native Microsoft Azure Adapter
  2. They did not want to custom develop and support their own solution moving forward

Upon doing research they found the SAP Certified Advantco Microsoft Azure Adapter for SAP CPI through a blog in the SAP Community. Advantco is an SAP Partner providing integration solutions for SAP CPI, PI/PO, & HANA.
Critical to the project the Adapter already supports connectivity with Azure Service Bus Topic and is compatible with Apache Karaf Runtime. The Azure Adapter also supports connectivity with:

  • Blob Storage
  • Queue Storage
  • File Storage
  • Service Bus Queue
  • Data Lake Store

You can request more details on the Azure Adapter by clicking here.