Consumer Electronics Retailer Turns to Advantco AMQP & Azure Adapters

A leading retailer in consumer electronics with over 400 stores and 10,000 employees recently began using SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI). Operating in six countries they also have a large online retail presence.

A critical requirement was to integrate their SCPI platform with Microsoft Azure Service Bus Topic. Originally they tried to develop their own connector but it turned out more difficult and time consuming than expected. They also realized how much time would be required to maintain their own custom solution.

They turned to Advantco and the SAP Certified Advantco Azure Adapter for SCPI. They were able to quickly plug in the Advantco Adapter to handle the integration with Service Bus Topic. The Adapter also has the added advantage of being fully maintained by Advantco for any Azure & SCPI releases.

With the Azure integration project a success they next turned to Advantco for a solution to connect with AmazonMQ. The Advantco AMQP Adapter for SCPI natively supports the AmazonMQ connection and is also fully maintained by Advantco.

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