Advantco SFDC Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® PI/PO & HCI

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The Salesforce Adapter

In a competitive landscape, businesses need an edge that will help them succeed. Integrating SAP, the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, with (SFDC), a leader in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), can play a large role in helping businesses gain that competitive edge by improving collaboration between Marketing, Sales, and Support.

The Advantco SFDC Adapter provides business with the tools to acquire, service, and retain new customers. By delivering a comprehensive data integration and customer data management tool that takes advantage of the best of SAP and SFDC worlds, businesses can ensure that their Finance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Fulfillment departments collaborate with each other and get the right information at the right time.

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What it does

  • Streamline and fully automate their business processes.
  • Advantco’s solution eliminates redundancies by leveraging information in both SAP software and, giving customers easy-to-deploy, two-way integration between the two.
  • Functions that are integrated into this solution include cost centers, sales queries, financials, invoicing and account statements from SAP software to
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy by building dashboards and KPIs with the right information from the SAP.
  • Optimize opportunity-to-order processes Work from a single view of the customer, product, and pricing master data in both Salesforce and SAP environments.
  • Fulfill orders in a timely manner and ensure that customers, sales reps, and operations are all on the same page
  • Quote correct list prices to customers by having the most up-to-date prices from their SAP deployment flow into their Salesforce in real-time.
  • View order history and be better positioned for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Advantco SFDC adapter represent a valuable addition to our SAP PI system. By handling all Salesforce communication specifics, the deployment of integration with our Utilities system has been significantly faster and easier. The adapter can automatically handle large datasets and switch to BULK API. Also can be used to extract data and to receive events from Salesforce. We didn't encounter any runtime errors and all our questions have been promptly answered by Advantco support team. Highly recommended.

Reliable and well-designed product by Laura Troto - March 29, 2018

Key Benefits

  • The Advantco SFDC Adapter is certified as powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform which helps ensure that customers’ Advantco solutions integrate and work well with SAP applications.
  • Easy online access to information about order positions, credit statuses and account history of customers
  • Visibility into the pricing conditions, discounts and offers maintained in SAP software
  • Easy tracking and monitoring of errors while updating data, with the monitoring workbench in the SAP Process Integration offering
  • Advantco’s solution combines two leading business solutions, SAP and, to give users a comprehensive view of customer and order data.
  • Solutions that are powered by SAP NetWeaver can be more quickly and easily integrated into SAP solution environments.

There is not much more one could ask from a software solution. At the Lincoln Electric Company, we used Advantco SFDC adapter to integration salesforce and SAP. It saved us a lot of effort, so we could spend more time in fine tuning the functions of the interfaces. We ran into quite a few issues with locking, sequencing, volume of messages etc., and we've found features in the adapter combined with some PI feature to resolve all of those issues. The support team is very helpful, very knowledgeable about the product. So far we only needed to contact them during the implementation for a few questions. There has been no issue since go-live.

Rich in features, simple to use, and robust - by Kevin Qiu February 28, 2018

Technical Capabilities

  • The Advantco SFDC Adapter is Certified by SAP
  • Significantly reduces implementation effort for integration with Salesforce
  • Features easy configuration and setup
  • Supports Read / Create / Update / Delete operations to Salesforce objects
  • Supports subscription to Salesforce push topics (Streaming API)
  • Provides schema generation tool for easy mapping development in PI/PO
  • Adjust communication method dynamically based on data volume to achieve the best performance
  • Support deletion of Salesforce objects based on external id and conditions
  • Integrated monitoring of BULK messages.
  • Supports TLS 1.2 and higher.
  • Support SF objects deletion using external id or conditions
  • SFDC adapter handles authentication with SF
  • SFDC adapter handles QueryLocator results
  • Native integration with SAP PI Adapter Framework, Alert Framework, and Monitoring
  • Supports SAP Net Weaver PI/PO 7.5, 7.4, 7.3, and 7.1