SAP Cloud Adapters (CPI & SDI)

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Regardless of which cloud service you choose, Advantco has your SAP integration covered. Leveraging our unparalleled development experience in PI/PO, Cloud Platform Integration (CPI), Oracle, and other solutions, Advantco provides Certified Adapters to streamline the exchange of data between your SAP landscape and the Cloud Service of your choice: Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more. All of our products are integrated seamlessly into Cloud. Our solutions are certified by SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.

 SAP Endorsed Apps

Our Expertise

  • Advantco products are all certified and have received the highest ratings and reviews from customers and experts.
  • Our expertise in PI/PO, Java development and SCPI cloud is highly regarded.
  • We’ve worked with top 500 companies, such as Westinghouse, General Electric, Harley Davidson, Grainger, Kraft, Coca-Cola and many others.
  • We’ve developed close to 20 highly-acclaimed products that serve our 200 customers worldwide.
  • We are also developing SCPI cloud versions for our longstanding partner, SAP.
  • Currently, we are developing similar adapters for other world-renown ERP organizations, and we are working to partner with leaders in technology and in the CRM industry, including SalesForce and Microsoft.
  • Advantco’s team consists of over 100 technology experts that are all referred, screened and certified to customize products and services and optimize our customers’ resources.
  • Along with being SAP-certified, Advantco has also been vetted and awarded the distinction of Drummond-Certified and FIPS-Compliant.